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Dr. Wegner’s patients share their unique experiences from recent dental treatments.

Cosmetic Dentistry Testimonials

Dear Steve:

The primary reason for my writing to you is to tell you how absolutely wowed Dr. Craig Spodak and his staff was with the superlative work you have done on my teeth. Dr. Spodak remarked numerous times that this was without a doubt the best dental work he has ever seen. He even had his key staff members (including his onsite lab specialist) look at the x-rays you had sent (while Dr. Spodak reviewed each tooth and pointed out to them the finer points of the great dental work you had done), and then had these same key staff look at my mouth to see first hand the completely natural ‘look’ of the teeth and the totally excellent fit of each of the crowns. In short, Steve, Dr. Spodak conducted an ‘on-the-spot’ seminar with his staff using your work as the standard he wants he and his staff to attain. I only wish you could have been there to hear the many, many genuine compliments about the total quality of your work.

Dr. Spodak wanted to know all about you, and seemed a bit surprised that with your truly excellent work he wasn’t familiar with your name. He mentioned to me that he has some patients that are/have been in the movie industry in Los Angeles and that as a result he has seen the work done on those patients’ teeth by supposedly renowned “dentists-to-the-stars”…and that your work clearly is superior to theirs! He also asked that if you ever come to Florida that he has the opportunity to meet you. I believe he would like to ‘talk shop’ with you and learn from you. He asked what you were like… so I gave him my honest opinion: that Steve Wegner is not only a truly excellent dentists, but also a man of character that gives of himself to his patients and the community. That his work is infused with an artistry that only those truly committed to their profession can attain, and that I was proud to know you and consider you a friend.

I just thought you should know how impressive you and your work are! Steve, ‘Thank You’ to you and your great staff for all you have done for me and my smile these past many years.

Warmest Regards,


Dear Dr. Steve,

Every time I look into the mirror and see my new gorgeous smile I am reminded of my journey. Ever since I can remember, I have had poor teeth. I was never fortunate to have the orthodontic and dental care that I should have, and my smile has always suffered. However, a year ago, that all changed. I came to you with a need of beautiful smile to feel more confident about myself. When I smiled, I felt that everyone was staring at my teeth. It was one thing holding me back in many situations. Now, with my new smile, I have the self-assurance to face the world because I know that my smile is at its best.

Since I never received the dental care I should have growing up, my case was very long, difficult and trying. Nevertheless, you had the knowledge and care to address the underlying problem of my crooked smile. You took the time to fix my misaligned jaw. I know some other doctors might have just given me my new smile without addressing the root of the problem, and I thank you for your patience with this. Even though going through the fixing process seemed like a gigantic mountain, in retrospect it was a molehill.

Having this perfect, straight and white smile has been a life-changing event for me. I now have a magnificent smile that I am proud of. You are a truly wonderful dentist, and I thank you for giving me the smile of my dreams.

Best wishes,


Dear Steve,

I am so appreciative of the wonderful dental work you completed for me that I wanted to write this letter to send you a resounding, “Thank you!” My new smile is such an improvement and draws so many compliments.

From personal experience, I can say that not only does each patient benefit from your high level of expertise and caring, but a patient cannot help but also be impressed by the wonderful support provided by your staff. Everyone connected with your office showed compassion and kindness which put me totally at ease.

I wholeheartedly have recommended your practice to many of my friends (and even some strangers!), and I will continue to do so. I am so grateful to be one of your patients.

With appreciation,
Cindy Weber


Dear Steve,

I am so pleased with the new smile you created for me. I feel you have reversed the aging process. I now have a beautiful smile, with natural looking and feeling teeth. My family, friends, and acquaintances all compliment me about my new smile.

From the minute I walked in, I saw an office tastefully decorated and a friendly, professional staff. I felt I was your most important, if not your only, client. I feel so fortunate that a friend recommended you and I was able to experience your dental skills. I can enthusiastically recommend you to anyone because I am confident they will be pleased as I am with your work. I feel honored that you would include my photos in your booklet.

My thanks to your and your staff.

Fran Howlett


Dear Steve,

I am having so much fun with my new teeth! I am very proud to show off my restorations. Many conversations have been generated and I am enjoying telling others about the combination of crowns, veneers, and porcelain overlays. You would be surprised how many people have noticed the difference.

David Hornbuck said, “We (dentists) do what we do to have a positive influence on the lives of people.” What a positive influence these restorations have been for me! You, Steve, have been an amazingly positive influence in my life! I’ve always been a person who smiles a great deal, but now I smile even more, and I know when I do, I’m showing others the skill and talent you possess.

ALL of the experts agreed that the quality of your work was second to none. I am living proof of that skill and quality. I am exceedingly appreciative of the time you took to make my smile absolutely perfect. I had no idea that dentistry could so positively change my life. How thankful I am that you were recommended to me as the best dentist in Omaha. You’ve walked with me through years of progress..after many years of deterioration in my mouth! Today, a person would never know how worn my teeth had gotten because now they are truly brand new. It is so exciting for me to finally have the beautiful teeth I was not born with.

I have always had a ready smile for everyone, but now, thanks to you, Steve, it’s a brighter and much happier smile!

Lisa Gatzemeyer



For me, the biggest hurdle in initially seeing you was- deciding to do so. Years of neglecting my bruxing, my teeth grinding, had wasted my teeth to a point that I never smiled and was even uncomfortable talking in close quarters. I was embarrassed. However, after viewing your site, (www.smilesofomaha.com) and seeing before/after pictures of your previous work, I bit the bullet (so to speak) and decided to see you.

In our initial consultation, you immediately put me at ease and within minutes I decided to entrust my teeth (or what was left of them) to you. You were non-judgmental, non-critical, emphatic, wanted to help, and knew that you could. The same was true of your entire staff. Jane, Julia, Michelle and Shauna are all wonderful. I had put off any action for years. However, I became suddenly eager to start, and finish.

So, imagine my delight when I saw that your skill, expertise, and treatment surpassed your chair side manner. You delivered not only my wonderful new smile, but also an accompanying confidence and esteem my former problem had robbed from me. I am thrilled with the results you, your staff, and your lab delivered. It is rare these days to have a patient or client 100% happy. Perhaps that is one reason I am so pleased. I trusted you and you delivered, beyond my expectations.

Very Truly,
(and now, Smilingly so)


For as long as I can remember, people have said things to me like, “Why are your teeth so small,” or “Do you still have your baby teeth?” Worst of all, they’d say, “Your teeth look like a vampire’s!” I’d like to say it did not bother me, but it did. Now, after 8 years of procedures (root canals, impressions, bonding, more impressions, and finally crowns), I truly have a perfect smile!

I can’t describe the feeling I had seeing my senior portraits fort the first time and thinking, “Wow! That’s me!”

The people that are close to me know all I have been through. They tell me how great I look. They are even more wowed when I show them the before the before and after photos and how all my facial features have changed for the better since getting my permanent crowns. Someone even said it looked like I had a Hollywood-style makeover!

Tracie Hansen


It was only after your initial and very thorough examination of my teeth, and your clear explanation of the options available to me, that I became aware that I could once again have a beautiful smile. I genuinely appreciate how you carefully explained the “Smile Design’ process to me to ensure I understood the process and the results I could expect. I also appreciate how you explained the process as a team effort—with you and your staff performing your respective technical and professional responsibilities, and me performing the required oral hygiene care and maintenance throughout the process to ensure success. You gave me confidence that together we could do it.

My sincerest ‘Thank You’,


Dear Dr. Steve,

I am writing to express my sincere thanks to you and your team for creating my wonderful new smile. I think I look fabulous! I have always wanted to close the spaces between my teeth, but always hesitated at the idea of having braces. I just couldn’t face the thought of wearing all that metal on my teeth for two or three years. When I found out that I could have the same result in just two visits, I was excited!

You and your whole team made the whole process so fun and exciting. It is obvious to me that you are passionate about creating new, more attractive smiles, and are just as excited to provide that care as I was to receive it.

I love my new smile and I really enjoy showing it off to others. Thank you for taking such good care of me and giving me the smile I always wanted.

Yours truly,
Michelle Doughty


Dear Steve,

I just want to drop you a brief note to thank you for all that you did. I am extremely pleased with the results and appreciate the fact that you were very committed to a perfect result. There are probably a couple of other professionals that are as technically proficient and understand the complexities of the process. However, I am convinced that what sets you apart is your commitment to the individual and the fact that you seem to genuinely care about your patient. You and your entire staff are committed to service and both you and Jane made the process very comfortable for me. The steps were explained and I knew what to expect which is very comforting considering the lack of dental work that I have ever been through.

I cannot tell you how much the “personal touch” meant to me. I really appreciated being treated like a person with thoughts, fears and feelings. Please extend my gratitude to everyone, especially Jane who I did not know at all prior to my process but really enjoyed getting to know her a bit better.

If there is anything I can ever do to provide a testimonial as to experience, please do not hesitate to let me know. Additionally, I will always “tout” my smile and my experience to anyone who will listen. Thank you again. I appreciate everything that you did. Even after twenty five years, you have not lost your original vision to dedicate yourself to patient service and individual care and I certainly respect you for that.

Warmest regards,

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