Dental Implants Omaha

Dental Implants Omaha

Discover the many benefits of dental implants in Omaha when you schedule your free consultation visit with Dr. Steven Wegner at Smiles of Omaha. We’d love to offer you additional information on implants, help you determine whether they’re a good match for your dental care needs, and answer any questions you have about treatment and results.

Why Choose Us For Implants?

Smiles of Omaha was chosen for 15 straight years by Omaha Magazine as the ‘Best of Omaha’ practice serving our community. If you’re in search of a new dentist or have received a referral from your family’s dentist for cosmetic treatment, we’d love the opportunity to meet your needs. Dental implants are one of the most-requested procedures to replace one or more missing teeth- and they’re more affordable than you think! Compare implants with dentures and see the benefits for yourself:

  • Dental implants offer more natural form, function, and health benefits.
  • You’ll experience exceptional durability and stability with implants.
  • Innovative implant materials last a lifetime with the right care.
  • No slipping or dislodging while eating, laughing, or talking.
  • Your investment goes further with implants.
  • Snap-in smiles combine the best features of both implants and dentures.

Why Opt For Implants?

No other dental prosthetic preserves the jaw’s healthy bone structure and protects adjacent teeth like implants. If you have one or two missing teeth, your dentist may recommend a bridge to restore the appearance of your smile- but what you may not know is bridgework compromises adjacent, healthy teeth. Erosion and every wear on teeth next to bridgework often lead to those teeth requiring restorative work as well. Implants replace one or more missing teeth with no risk of damage to your natural teeth.

No Embarrassing Moments

Take a closer look at dental implants in Omaha and see why they’ve replaced dentures as the leading prosthetic in cosmetic dentistry. Unlike dentures, implants cannot slip or cause problems while eating. You can enjoy all the foods you love with implants, with no restrictions; eat crispy, crunchy, sticky, and piping hot foods without the worry that your teeth will require an immediate repair like dentures often need. With routine care and checkups, your beautiful new dental implants will provide a lifetime of beauty and function.

Dollar For Dollar, Implants Win Again

You’ll pay a bit more for implants up front, however, in the long run, you’ll find them to be an exceptional value and a better investment compared with dentures. Smiles of Omaha accepts most dental insurance plans and offers financing to help make the initial cost of dental implants easier to manage. Learn more about the costs of treatment by calling our front desk staff.

No-Cost Consultation

You’ll never regret looking into the benefits of dental implants in Omaha- we are pleased to offer a free initial visit to help you explore the advantages of treatment at Smiles of Omaha. Our website provides additional information and resources to look over while you consider us for a cosmetic procedure.

Dental Implants Omaha
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