Family Counseling Schaumburg IL

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Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center offers family counseling in Schaumburg IL. The family unit is supposed to be a place where we can feel safe; it's supposed to be the place where we can be ourselves without being judged and misunderstood. The family unit is supposed to be a sanctuary from this harsh, cruel world around us, but unfortunately, it's often anything but that! Further, it seems that in today's age, the family unit is more frequently becoming unhealthy; the exact opposites of what it should be.

Each family is different and has its unique dynamics. Therefore, Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center offers a wide range of family counseling services in Schaumburg IL. For example, we offer individual counseling, couples counseling, child and adolescent counseling, and even whole family counseling sessions. We have a variety of services for every need.

If you are experiencing family problems, you're not the only one. In fact, far from it! There are a lot of people receiving family counseling in Schaumburg IL. You probably know a few and may not even be aware of it. Get the help your family needs before it's too late and irrevocable damage is done. Contact Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center today, and schedule your first appointment.

Why Do I Need Family Counseling?

The problems that we see in families are often passed on generationally. For example, your great grandfather may have been beaten by his father. In turn, he beat his son, who is your grandfather. Because your grandfather didn't want to be like his father, he never beat your father, but he was still a poor role model for your father because he was an alcoholic. Now, your father is not good at relationships, has self-esteem issues, and says things that hurt you. Now, what kind of parent will you be for your children?

Other family problems can be unique. Interracial and international marriages can develop huge communication barriers and challenges. Younger couples may experience problems that older couples never had to face. Further, children may have ADD or ADHD disorders. Just know that no matter what your problem is, it can be fixed.

What Does Family Counseling Do?

Family counseling teaches family members how to co-exist with one another and respect each other. It teaches individual family members to stop trying to change other family members and focus on bettering themselves. Family counseling helps family members see how their words and actions affect everyone else in the family. Most importantly, family counseling helps family members see the beauty of family and how important their position within the family is.

Families who receive counseling at Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center tend to be happier, and they solve their problems. Of course, it doesn't happen overnight or through the course of one counseling session. Improved relations take time and a sincere commitment by everyone involved. If you would like to learn more about Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center's family counseling in Schaumburg IL, contact us today.

Family Counseling Schaumburg IL