Patient Letter from Steve Wegner

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Please take a moment to read Steve’s recent letter to patients and friends of his practice. Steve talks about his plans for the future as well as a more formal announcement and introduction of his successor, Jared Homan.

Jared is looking forward to carrying on the core values that the patients are accustomed to and continuing to provide excellent dental care and services!



Dear Patients/Friends,

We have been pleased to introduce Dr. Jared Homan to you over the last seven months. Your responses to him have been incredibly positive and welcoming, and for that we are extremely grateful. It is not common to be able to hand-pick your successor in dentistry, but in this case our entire team agreed that Jared would be the one to carry on the core philosophy of excellence and personal relationships that you have come to expect with us.

Looking ahead, I plan to continue working full time into March, then cut back a bit. I will be involved for the foreseeable future seeing fewer patients and mentoring. You will be seeing more of Jared as this transition occurs and expect to receive the same great care from both of us. I trust him to provide you with the finest care available.

I ask that you continue to support Jared as his leadership role increases. He has the caring approach and gentle touch you deserve and the drive to be excellent in all that he does. My goal was to turn my practice over to someone I could trust enough to become his/her patient. That goal is met with Jared.

This practice is a rare gem in its level of caring and having the team that believes that our patients are the most important part of our success. Thank you for trusting us with your smiles. We look forward to continuing your dental care long into the future!

Keep Smiling!

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