Dental X-Rays

What are Dental X-Rays?

Dental x-rays are incredibly beneficial to the overall health and treatment of your smile. X-rays can help us identify problems that would otherwise go unnoticed during a typical exam. X-rays may be needed prior to oral surgery to identify bone mass, soft tissue and underlying nerve pathways. Dental x-rays use an incredibly minimal amount of radiation, so they’re safe for patients of all ages.

Why are Dental X-Rays needed?

X-rays are an important diagnostic tool concerning your oral health. The x-rays themselves take a short amount of time to take and the amount of radiation used is minimal. Some of the reasons you’ll need x-rays include:

  • Regular bi-annual checkups
  • Emergency appointments
  • Pre-surgery
  • Root canal therapy
What makes you a good candidate for Dental X-Rays?

Due to the ease and nature of dental x-rays, most patients are good candidates to have them taken. The benefits of x-rays far outweigh any side effects or issues that rarely come as a result of having them done. We recommend x-rays on a routine basis to keep up with the health of your teeth. We advise our patients to have a full set done every few years.

What happens when Dental X-Rays are being taken?

You will come into our office and be comfortably seated. A lead apron is draped over your body to protect you from radiation. A small device is placed inside the mouth and the actual machine will be aimed at this device. The x-ray is then taken and the dental professional moves onto another area of the mouth. Depending on your appointment and oral health needs, you may only need to have several x-rays taken or may need a full set of them done. Keep in mind that dental x-rays are safe and are incredibly essential to the treatment and care of your smile for the rest of your life.

If you need to have new dental x-rays taken and want to come in for an appointment, call our office today and we’ll be able to further assist you.